Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New ...

Well it's a new year so I am going to try some new shtuff! I plan to post my scrapbook pages here so my family and anyone else who wants to can check them out! So far I am giving a big thumbs down to 2009. I have spent the whole year sick! I suspect I have a couple more days of coughing and I will be over it.

I am a big TV viewer - I know, it's not cool to admit you watch TV, I love TV though - I am really looking forward to new episodes of Psych and Monk. I also just recently love a show called Chuck that can only be described as cute! Another favorite is Bones. It was a bigger fave before Zack left though. :(

Above is my latest scrappy effort. The picture is a side view of a nativity scene at Temple Square in SLC. There was a blizzard going on! Yikes! That's why I live in Phoenix!


  1. I'm almost sad we didn't make it. But not when I see all that snow...

  2. That looks cold!!! And I live here! I can't wait until Alva retires so we bail on the cold weather too! The scrapbook page looks great. I'm glad that we get to see them now. It was great to see you! - Jacque