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Friday, January 27, 2012

Redwood Creek - Jump Start January - Day 12

Here is my latest lift of  French Quarter Style by mysecretheart. Mine is called Redwood Creek Challenge Trail - about the cute little area in DCA where you can follow the trail and receive your Senior Wilderness Explorer Badge (sticker) at the ceremony. Some of the activities are for kids only - but they will give you a badge and let you get your picture with Russell anyway! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jump Start January - Day 11

Well, I did the Resolution Recap layout - Lifted from Thankful in 2011 by tortagialla. I hate my version, it's not as cute as the original. It also ended up containing some personal info that I am not ready to share with the internets sooooo, I'm not posting it. But I am counting it! :)

I want to do a few challenges over at Disney Scrappers. Tami does a great job coming up with interesting challenges and I am pretty far behind! So I think I will try and incorporate some of the lifts into the challenges!

So my next lift will be French Quarter Style by mysecretheart. As much as it seems appropriate, I will not be doing New Orleans Square - I am going to try to do something about the Redwood Creek Challenge area. Of course that could change!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Astro Blasters - Jump Start January - Day 10

I took a break from the scrap lifts and played along with Shimelle for her January Craft Along Project. I like the idea that it's space related and decided to use it for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters pictures. Mine didn't turn out as nice as hers, it was hard to adapt this to 8.5x11. I am happy with it though and it was fun to try her techniques! I also got a chance to use the vintage playing card I got at the antique store. One of the booths is run by a gal that sells ephemera and other scrapbooking supplies. I got 6 playing cards for $1.50 and they are all cute but this spaceship one is the cutest.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Donald Duck Fun Fact Friday

No - I did not forget Donald Duck Fun Fact Friday! I just posted my Dumbo layout so late last night I wanted to give it some time in the spotlight! So - for all you sporty types:

Donald Duck is the mascot of the University of Oregon! There is a great article about how he became the mascot on the University of Oregon website. While the logo for the school is no longer Donald Duck bursting through the giant "O", he is still the mascot at games!

Have a Donald Day! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dumbo - Jump Start January - Day 9

Here is my scraplift of Dumbo by joscie - I copied it pretty closely!

I am 10 days behind for my January goal but I am confident I will catch up! For my next lift I am planning to use Thankful in 2011 by tortagialla. I want to do a review of my resolutions for 2011 and see how I did!

Another interesting thing  - I have already posted more this year than I have any other year since I started my blog. I think getting more involved with the various Disney blogs has helped me get more excited about blogging. So that's cool! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

The theme for Almost Wordless Wednesday at Focused on the Magic this week is "Water, water, everywhere!" So I chose this picture of the backside of water on the Jungle Cruise! Haha!

Any one can join in so if you have a picture that fits the theme please visit Focused on the Magic and add your link!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Liam's Birthday - Jump Start January Day 8

My nephew's birthday is near Christmas - but his parents have made sure it is celebrated completely separately! This year the theme was Sesame Street. This is a two page 8.5x11. I used different papers from my stash and a bunch of stickers I have had for years. This was a scrap lift of Christmas Eve by carkareokequeen which is linked below.

I was going to finish up some more Christmas layouts but I was so excited doing this one, I think I will do a few more non - Christmas. Maybe I burnt myself out on Christmas! For my next layout, I will be scrap lifting Dumbo by joscie. Aside from the fact that it is digital and mine will be paper, I plan to copy it exactly! :)

Edited to Add: So I am viewing this and it looks like the background paper is red but it is not - it's orange. And it looks much better in person. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mickey Mouse Tree - Jump Start January Day 7

Or maybe I should call it layout 7. I call it Mickey Mouse Tree and it is scraplifted from Happy Holidays by seppa. I love my little Mickey Mouse Tree! See how cute it is?

My next scraplift will be from Christmas Eve by carkareokequeen. I am planning a layout about my nephew's birthday!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Donald Duck Fun Fact Friday!

Brand New Feature starring my favorite Disney guy - Donald Fauntleroy Duck! Yes, Fauntleroy is Donald's middle name and that is our "fun fact" for Donald Duck Fun Fact Friday! This portrait of Donald is called "Hi, I'm Donald Duck" and was painted by well known Donald artist Carl Barks.

Have a Donald Day! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 on the Twelfth?

I have seen the posts about ten on the tenth and I have even checked it out at Shimelle Laine's blog. I was all excited to try it because I have no problem giving out my opinion, especially in list form! I even had a great idea for a list! 10 Favorite rides at Disneyland Resort! So I wrote up the list. And it was 22 items. I will split that list out to Disneyland and DCA and edit it down for another time but now I needed a new list. How about 10 things you didn't know about Donald Duck? Well I was researching this, and I have decided to try and make it a weekly feature - "Donald Day" if you will! But what to do for a list??

Well, I love TV so without further ado:

My 12 Favorite Current TV Shows!
     For about 4 years (Five Seasons) this has been my quirky little favorite show! I am sad it's ending in a few weeks, but it has been a good run. Zachary Levi who plays chuck, also voices Flynn Rider in Tangled!

The Big Bang Theory
       I am a nerd - so of course I like this show. It's consistently funny. It makes me happy to watch it. I try not to watch it too much in repeats - I don't want to get burnt out on it!

     Oh My Gosh! This show is so hilarious! I wish it would run longer seasons but I guess the short seasons with the longer breaks keep it fresh. I have watched it since it started airing! My favorite episode ever is "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad, Thing" or as I call it - the one where Carlton is cool. That, BTW is also the description of my favorite episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! :D

     Do I really even need to explain? Well, ok - three cute boys, two cool girls and they fight for the underdog! And also, three cute boys. :)

     This is my favorite new show. I love all the clever "monsters" and that they live among us. I know I am the Disney Chick but I like this one better than Once Upon a Time (which I do like - I just like Grimm better).

     This one is kind of my guilty pleasure. All TV is a gulity pleasure but this one for me especially. It's kind of fluffy and light but it makes me laugh. I have started to like the characters and I get grumpy when I miss it!

Project Runway
     An oldie but a goodie. Well - it was a goodie except for the last couple of seasons. And I am not watching All-Stars right now. I am torn because without Heidi and Tim it doesn't feel like Project Runway.

The Amazing Race
     Another show I have watched from the begining, I love all the challenges and locations. I could do with less drama within the teams but I still watch. I also really enjoy Phil as the host.

Raising Hope
     It's just funny. :)


I am a recent convert to Castle. I have watched it now and then since it started but never felt it was something I needed to watch regularly. Last season I did start to watch it weekly, and I really like it! And, also, cute boy!


I came to this show through the repeats on TNT in the afternoons - I don't take a day off work very often, but when I do I like to watch this. It's on first run on Friday at the same time as Grimm so I have not watched this season but I plan to catch up during the summer. Oh yeah - cute boys!

Person of Interest

The ads for this show intrigued me before the season started - and I do enjoy this show, but I have to admit - it may be losing my attention. Hopefully there will be a little more excitement once the flashback story gets wrapped up. I'm still watching - in fact I am watching RIGHT NOW!

So, that's the list - I do have to give honorable mentions to The Mentalist (still like it but don't feel the need to watch regularly) Bones (a former favorite, just the new season isn't grabbing me), Once Upon a Time (Disney so YAY but melodramatic so meh) and The Walking Dead (loved the first season bored by the second half season).

Feel free to leave your opinions about these shows - or your own favorites in comments!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I am playing along with Deb at Focused on the Magic on the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! The theme is Characters Great and Small! So here is the Cheshire Cat on the wall on the Alice in Wonderland ride and me in my great (if I do say so myself!) Cheshire Cat costume.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Work Party - Jump Start January - Day 6

This is a layout about my work holiday party. I am a little disappointed that I did not get a picture of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. But in any case, I do like this layout much better than the last one :)
My next scraplift will be of Happy Holidays by seppa, and it will feature one of my favorite Christmas gifts from this year. :)

Deck the Walls - Jump Start January - Day 5

Ok - I have recovered and finished my next scraplift! This is the lift of JOY by carkareokequeen, I have to say I am not completely happy with it, It just seems to be missing something. It's no where near as cute as the original.

Deck the Walls
I may revisit this again but for now, I am going to move on to my next lift! I will be lifting Pure Joy by Marilou64.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Yikes! A wrench in the works!

Ugh! I was sooooo sick with a fever last night, all I could do was wrap up in blankets and try to get warm. I feel better this morning so hopefully I will get caught up with my layouts tonight after work!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Treats! Jump Start January - Day 4

Yay! Here's another one in the book for 2012! This one is a lift of Double the Joy by GIna, mine is called Holiday Treats and I snuck some Dis Love in there too!

For tomorrow I am lifting JOY by carkareokequeen. I am planning a deck the halls type thing but we'll see - my layouts don't always go as planned!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Tree - Jump Start January - Day 3

This is my scraplift for day three -from Sheldon the Elf linked below! This one is called Christmas Tree!

Most of the embellishments for this are Reflections- Jolly and Bright from Michael's - I think they are really cute!

For tomorrow, I am scraplifting Double the Joy by Gina!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jump Start January - Day 2

I am still on track for my January scrapbook goal. Of course I have to return to work tomorrow so we will see how long I can keep up! :) Here is my lift of "Tis the Season" by Miss Threadbare. Mine is called "All Our Loot". It features a picture of all our presents - we had opened our stocking gifts but the rest were still wrapped. You can see the Cheshire Cat my roomie gave me in honor of my Halloween costume and also my Donald Duck mug which is not a gift, I've had it for years.

So for tomorrow, I will be scraplifting Sheldon the Elf by Lynn Ghahary. I was posting a picture of the layouts I was going to lift but I think I will just stick with a link so everyone knows they aren't mine! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jump Start January - Day 1

Ok! So far I am 100% on my scrapbooking goal! Haha! Here is my first scraplift, lifted from the layout posted below:

This is the first layout I have done where I really used my Silhouette. I bought it from a lady on Craig's List back in July. There was a bit of a learning curve but I think I have finally got it under control! So for tomorrow, I am planning to scraplift Tis The Season by Miss Threadbare.I love the colors on this one - and the use of paint, I have a couple of scraplifts planned that use paint and I am excited for that!

New Year's Resolutions!

It's been out of fashion lately to make New Year's Resolutions, most people stating "I never can keep them" as the reason. I make them every year - what better time to assess and redirect my life path if needed? The fact that I may not complete some of my resolutions or goals if you prefer, does not deter me from making them! Having them written and posted where I see them every day keeps them fresh in my mind and has helped me complete more of them than I ever did when I just thought and talked about them on New Year's Eve and forgot about them until the next year. I do have the standard goals most people have for the new year - Lose weight, save money, get organized (I do have more specific goals in these catagories but I won't bore you!)
For this blog, I have a specific Scrappy goal - I resolve to complete 80 layouts this year. Yes - 80. A few years ago, on the Two Peas in A Bucket message boards there used to be a challenge called "Jump Start January" Each day in January a layout was posted and participants would "scraplift" it. That challenge helped me complete a lot of layouts for the years it was in place. So this year, I am recreating it for myself. I have chosen 31 layouts and plan to complete a scraplift for each one. Now I do have a fulltime job so I don't have an expectation that I will complete a layout each day - I may do several on a weekend and only one during the week. I am not a hard ass with myself :) I do plan to post the scraplifts and scrapliftees here - so any readers can play along or just keep me honest! So for today - I will be scraplifting Christmas Memories by Vera Rhuhay. How cute is that? :)

When January is over - I will give myself a break and complete 1 layout per week. Wish me luck, I will post my layout as soon as I finish it!And let me know if you play decide to play along!