Monday, January 23, 2012

Jump Start January - Day 11

Well, I did the Resolution Recap layout - Lifted from Thankful in 2011 by tortagialla. I hate my version, it's not as cute as the original. It also ended up containing some personal info that I am not ready to share with the internets sooooo, I'm not posting it. But I am counting it! :)

I want to do a few challenges over at Disney Scrappers. Tami does a great job coming up with interesting challenges and I am pretty far behind! So I think I will try and incorporate some of the lifts into the challenges!

So my next lift will be French Quarter Style by mysecretheart. As much as it seems appropriate, I will not be doing New Orleans Square - I am going to try to do something about the Redwood Creek Challenge area. Of course that could change!

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