Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

It's been out of fashion lately to make New Year's Resolutions, most people stating "I never can keep them" as the reason. I make them every year - what better time to assess and redirect my life path if needed? The fact that I may not complete some of my resolutions or goals if you prefer, does not deter me from making them! Having them written and posted where I see them every day keeps them fresh in my mind and has helped me complete more of them than I ever did when I just thought and talked about them on New Year's Eve and forgot about them until the next year. I do have the standard goals most people have for the new year - Lose weight, save money, get organized (I do have more specific goals in these catagories but I won't bore you!)
For this blog, I have a specific Scrappy goal - I resolve to complete 80 layouts this year. Yes - 80. A few years ago, on the Two Peas in A Bucket message boards there used to be a challenge called "Jump Start January" Each day in January a layout was posted and participants would "scraplift" it. That challenge helped me complete a lot of layouts for the years it was in place. So this year, I am recreating it for myself. I have chosen 31 layouts and plan to complete a scraplift for each one. Now I do have a fulltime job so I don't have an expectation that I will complete a layout each day - I may do several on a weekend and only one during the week. I am not a hard ass with myself :) I do plan to post the scraplifts and scrapliftees here - so any readers can play along or just keep me honest! So for today - I will be scraplifting Christmas Memories by Vera Rhuhay. How cute is that? :)

When January is over - I will give myself a break and complete 1 layout per week. Wish me luck, I will post my layout as soon as I finish it!And let me know if you play decide to play along!

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