Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 on the Twelfth?

I have seen the posts about ten on the tenth and I have even checked it out at Shimelle Laine's blog. I was all excited to try it because I have no problem giving out my opinion, especially in list form! I even had a great idea for a list! 10 Favorite rides at Disneyland Resort! So I wrote up the list. And it was 22 items. I will split that list out to Disneyland and DCA and edit it down for another time but now I needed a new list. How about 10 things you didn't know about Donald Duck? Well I was researching this, and I have decided to try and make it a weekly feature - "Donald Day" if you will! But what to do for a list??

Well, I love TV so without further ado:

My 12 Favorite Current TV Shows!
     For about 4 years (Five Seasons) this has been my quirky little favorite show! I am sad it's ending in a few weeks, but it has been a good run. Zachary Levi who plays chuck, also voices Flynn Rider in Tangled!

The Big Bang Theory
       I am a nerd - so of course I like this show. It's consistently funny. It makes me happy to watch it. I try not to watch it too much in repeats - I don't want to get burnt out on it!

     Oh My Gosh! This show is so hilarious! I wish it would run longer seasons but I guess the short seasons with the longer breaks keep it fresh. I have watched it since it started airing! My favorite episode ever is "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad, Thing" or as I call it - the one where Carlton is cool. That, BTW is also the description of my favorite episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! :D

     Do I really even need to explain? Well, ok - three cute boys, two cool girls and they fight for the underdog! And also, three cute boys. :)

     This is my favorite new show. I love all the clever "monsters" and that they live among us. I know I am the Disney Chick but I like this one better than Once Upon a Time (which I do like - I just like Grimm better).

     This one is kind of my guilty pleasure. All TV is a gulity pleasure but this one for me especially. It's kind of fluffy and light but it makes me laugh. I have started to like the characters and I get grumpy when I miss it!

Project Runway
     An oldie but a goodie. Well - it was a goodie except for the last couple of seasons. And I am not watching All-Stars right now. I am torn because without Heidi and Tim it doesn't feel like Project Runway.

The Amazing Race
     Another show I have watched from the begining, I love all the challenges and locations. I could do with less drama within the teams but I still watch. I also really enjoy Phil as the host.

Raising Hope
     It's just funny. :)


I am a recent convert to Castle. I have watched it now and then since it started but never felt it was something I needed to watch regularly. Last season I did start to watch it weekly, and I really like it! And, also, cute boy!


I came to this show through the repeats on TNT in the afternoons - I don't take a day off work very often, but when I do I like to watch this. It's on first run on Friday at the same time as Grimm so I have not watched this season but I plan to catch up during the summer. Oh yeah - cute boys!

Person of Interest

The ads for this show intrigued me before the season started - and I do enjoy this show, but I have to admit - it may be losing my attention. Hopefully there will be a little more excitement once the flashback story gets wrapped up. I'm still watching - in fact I am watching RIGHT NOW!

So, that's the list - I do have to give honorable mentions to The Mentalist (still like it but don't feel the need to watch regularly) Bones (a former favorite, just the new season isn't grabbing me), Once Upon a Time (Disney so YAY but melodramatic so meh) and The Walking Dead (loved the first season bored by the second half season).

Feel free to leave your opinions about these shows - or your own favorites in comments!

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