Monday, January 2, 2012

Jump Start January - Day 2

I am still on track for my January scrapbook goal. Of course I have to return to work tomorrow so we will see how long I can keep up! :) Here is my lift of "Tis the Season" by Miss Threadbare. Mine is called "All Our Loot". It features a picture of all our presents - we had opened our stocking gifts but the rest were still wrapped. You can see the Cheshire Cat my roomie gave me in honor of my Halloween costume and also my Donald Duck mug which is not a gift, I've had it for years.

So for tomorrow, I will be scraplifting Sheldon the Elf by Lynn Ghahary. I was posting a picture of the layouts I was going to lift but I think I will just stick with a link so everyone knows they aren't mine! :)


  1. Hope you stay on track. I haven't even managed to set myself a goal yet. Lovely layout - the colours are very nice.