Saturday, February 4, 2012

Donald Duck Fun Fact Friday - It's a Small World, after all.

For most of 2008 the "It's a  Small World" attraction was closed for refurbishment. During this time, the regular clean up and fix up happened, but there was also the additional task of adding various Disney Characters to the mix! According to Wikipedia:

The refurbishment added 30 new Disney characters each in their native land, such as Ariel under water, Pinocchio in Italy, Cinderella in France with England hosting Alice, the White Rabbit, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. The former New Guinea Room was transformed to North America with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye, and in the South Seas room is Dori, Marlin, Lilo and Stitch. The scenes, figures, props, and set pieces of New Guinea were then added to the end of the South Seas Room.

Not mentioned by Wiki - Donald was added to the attraction in the Mexico section, decked out in his three caballeros garb! It's my new favorite part of the ride and although this ride is difficult to photograph - I managed to get a fairly good one!

I also took a movie! (Different trip)

 Have a Donald Day! :)


  1. VERY interesting! Thanks for the fun fact and I think your photo is wonderful.

  2. I am just seeing this now, sorry. I totally love this little video along with the photo and fun fact. I believe there is a disney scrappers challenge coming soon that this will be perfect for :)