Friday, February 3, 2012

Jan. recap and Wordfilled Wednesday - nothing like being late to the party!

Sooooo, it's February. And I obviously did not finish 31 layouts in January. I'm ok with it though - I plan to catch up soon. I did start working on scrapbooking last weekend but then I decided to try and organize my ribbon. Once I start down an organizing path, that's the end of anything else getting done. I do love organizing. :) And my ribbon really was all willy-nilly.

I also tried to do some scrapbooking last night but after I looked at a bunch of layouts I might want to lift, all my pictures, blogs and websites with inspiration - nothing! So I put it away and will try again tonight. Hopefully something will strike my fancy!

Also, I missed last weeks Donald Duck Fun Fact but I will have one later today. And, I looked and looked but can you believe in all the times I have been to DL, I only have one picture of the partners statue? I was so blown away by that, I never got around to posting a picture for Wordless Wednesday. Also, it was a pretty busy week at work - those types of days where once you are done you just need to relax for a few hours and let your mind be lazy. So there is my big rambling list of excuses why I didn't keep up with my Blog this week! :) I may make up for it with multiple posts today - stay tuned!

Guess what I just found on My Photo Bucket....

Side view of the Partners Statue

I should have started there - it's more organized than my hard drive!

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