Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well - I did what I could... DCA Entrance

I really wanted to do a lot more Scrapbooking this weekend of National Scrapbook Day. But I am in Arizona and Cinco De Mayo actually gets celebrated here so I was having board game night and Mexican Food with my roommate and her boyfriend. And then today was spent at the movies. Everyone should go see The Avengers - totally worth it but also kinda long. So this is my only other layout completed this weekend.

The new entrance to Disney's California Adventure - modeled after the Pan Pacific Auditorium - you may find it familiar if you ever saw the 80s cult classic movie Xanadu. I was so excited when the concept drawings came out! I used DCWV Linen Closet paper for everything, even the banner. Various buttons and small embellishments frame the main picture. I also included a Rolodex card (I have a bunch of them - a great find at the thrift store!) for the journaling. There are two, because I covered one a bit and then realized my journaling wouldn't fit - I can be wordy. :P

Hope everyone had a great holiday! 

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